Federer wins fifth Australian Open and 18th Grand Slam title

; image from Australian Federer wins fifth Australian Open web.
In a stunning match befitting of the occasion, Roger Federer defeated long-time rival Rafael Nadal to win Australian Open 2017, his 18th major title. The full set victory handed Federer his first major title in four-and-a-half years. The win also gave Federer his first win over Nadal at a Grand Slam event since Wimbledon 2007.
One of the greatest Grand Slam finals had come to a thrilling end. One match point came and went, but on the second, Federer struck a winning forehand. Nadal challenged the call, but in vain.

Australian Open 最終日、129日行われた男子決勝はRoger Federerがフルセットの末Rafael Nadal を降して7年ぶり通算5度目の優勝を果たした。フルセットで迎えた第9ゲーム、マッチポイントはNadalのチャレンジが失敗して決着するという思いがけない幕切れとなった。

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