J.Crew Summer Favorite: Short-sleeve sweatshirt

The short sleeve sweatshirt is not a T-shirt and it's not a sweatshirt, but trust us you should give one a try.  Before there were supertechnical fabrics to wear to the gym, there were sweatshirts. Traditionally a quick warm up layer worn by surfers, bors, and cops in Beverly Hills. This is basically a crew neck sweatshirt designed to show off your arms. Though it may look cool on Eddie, we don't recommend cutting the sleeves yourself, and the waist should not fall below your belt.

Independence Dayも過ぎて、アメリカの2015 Summerは後半がスタートする。これから1カ月、小売りチェーンは今年の夏最後のプロモーションを展開する。J.CrewはHigh Summerに向けて、ハードコアのキラーアイテムを打ち出した。

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