2015 Nacy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

NYPD Emergency Service Unit kept watch over the festive crowd
Since it began in 1924, participants have been Macy's employees, their families and friends or others who have a relationship with the Parade's elements and/or partners. And this year, security was on parade Thursday at the Macy’s Parade, where more than 2,500 cops made the biggest show of force in holiday history.

例年ならMsacy’sのThanksgiving Day Paradeで全米のホリデーシーズンが開幕する。しかし今年はアサルトライフル抱えたNYPD Emergency Service Unitまで投入され、厳戒態勢のパレードになった。Paris attackの犠牲者の方たちへのトリビュートとともに、全米差大イベントが開催された。

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