Euro 2016 : Portugal stun s France with extra time victory

The 2016 UEFA European Championship is over, and Portugal have earned their title. The conquest of Seleção first title ever was achieved in the home of the host team with a goal scored by Éder with 109 minutes gone and with Cristiano Ronaldo out of play since the 25th minute. It doesn't mean they're the best team in Europe, but Portugal are worthy champions.

EURO 2016710日にFinalが行われ、Portugalが優勝候補最右翼のFrance1-0で破り初優勝した。10日にはロンドンでWimbledon Men’s Final も行われた。これでヨーロッパの2大サマーイベントは終了した。次のグローバルイベントは85日からRio de Janeiroで始まるSummer Olympicである。

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