GAP, Inc. : A Discount To Make the Sale

There is no GAP bet' Japan and US
GAP Newsletter

The Gap, Inc. is focusing on offering heavy discounts to lure more customers to its stores. The Chain expected a discount to make the sale. Because even in post-recessionary times, 75 percent of women said it’s important get the lowest price on everything they buy, and 45 percent claim they only buy items that are on sale, reporting by one of industry research Firm.
GAP(HQ:San Francisco, CA)がしょっちゅうセールをやっていることはたくさんの人がご存じだろう。しかし、GAPのセールが全世界統一で、実施時期、ディスカウント率まで統一されて実施されているのを知っている人はあまり多くない。

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