Highsnobiety’s Top 10 Sneakers of 2016

David Fischer, founder of Highsnobiety and his best favorite Common Project BBall
Heading into 2017, we continue with our tradition of highlighting our personal top 10 sneakers of the year. The difference here with your usual top sneaker list is, that it is not about showing off the most hyped pairs of sneakers of the past 12 months, but to rather show the shoes that we actually wore most, the shoes that we picked out of our closets the most in the last year. A true top 10 so to speak! Here we go. ..........David Fiscger, Founder ofHighsnobiety.

2016年も間もなく終わるが、HighsnobietyBerlin)のDavid Fischer2016 Best Sneakerを発表した。HighsnobietyUrban taste大好きメディアだからさぞかしと思いきや、なんとランキングはAmericn old schooladidas terrace sneakerが大半だった。Fischerはヨーロッパの典型的なファッショニスタだったのである。

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