Super Bowl LI;Matt Ryan vs. Tom Brady

After 266 games, just two teams remain. Will Tom and Bill add a fifth Super Bowl title to their legacy? Or will Matt Ryan's jet-powered offense finally earn a title for Atlanta? Pats won with less talent than usual. This seasons Patriots are very much in the same league as the last six Super Pats squads. As Matt Ryan was as the MVP favorite in the regular season, he has lifted his team to Super Bowl in the postseason. Here's your head-to-head breakdown of the Patriots and Falcons.

Super Bowl LI対決はFalconsPatriotsに決定した。NFCMatt Ryanがジェットパワーの異名をとるオフェンスでチームを8年ぶり2度目のカンファレンス優勝に導いた。いっぽうAFCPatriotsが故障者、出場停止処分を出しながらも、ハンディを乗り越えて2年ぶり9回目のカンファレンス優勝にたどり着いた。両チームはNRG StadiumHouston, TX)で25日開催されるSuper Bowl LI(第51回)で対戦する。

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