Nike & Jordan Basketball Experience Store in Beijing

On January 21, Nike open its largest basketball-focused door in China, the Nike & Jordan Basketball Experience Store: a 6,550-square-foot retail experience in Beijings popular EC Mall. Like the newly opened Nike Soho and Nike Miami, the remodeled store is designed to deliver the best of Nikes personalized services, from the Nike+ Basketball Trial Zone to product customization, creating a seamless link between Nikes digital and physical platforms.  

Nike121日北京にオープンしたBasketball Experience Storeは、ようやくNike小売戦略の一端を垣間見ることのできるファシリティとなった。去年からスタートした一連のグローバルストア展開はソーホー(NYC)、マイアミ、北京を経て、ようやくNikeグローバルストアネットワークの全体像が現れてきた。

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