2017 Boston Marathon

Edna Kiplagat win Boston Marathon women's race 

Edna Kiplagat and Geoffrey Kirui, both of Kenya, win the women's and men's races at the Boston Marathon on Monday April 17. Boston's Marathon annual tradition took place third Monday of April and it is different than many other marathons as participants must qualify for entry by meeting stringent qualifying times before they can register. The race is run on a point-to-point course through eight cities and towns, and the 26.2-mile course has remained essentially unchanged over the years.

去年はEthiopia勢に男女優勝されたKenyaが、今年は再び男女優勝で雪辱した。返り咲いた。Boston Marathonは男女共Kenya勢がこの10年間優位を占めてきたが、しかし今年は久々にアメリカ勢が男女共トップ4にそれぞれ2人が食い込み、KenyaEthiopiaの2強時代が終わろうとしている。

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