adidas Originals store Venice, Los. Angeles.

adidas has opened its new store in Venice, California on July 13th, 2017. The new adidas Originals store celebrates the eclectic Venice culture with products and experiences that capture the creative, artistic vibe of the community. The Venice store use the 5,900-square-foot space for classic and new product, and events with musicians and influential sneaker collectors.

adidasが Originals storeをAabot Kinney(Venice, Los.Angeles.)に出店した。Aabot KinneyはHaight Ashbury(San Francisco)と並ぶ、ウエストコーストのBohemian Zoneとして60年代から注目を浴びてきた。新ストアがadidasのBoHo-Chic Hubになったら面白いところだったが、そこまでの決断はできなかったようだ。

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