Nike Air Jordan V Fright Suit

The Air Jordan line has always taken inspiration from the act of flight, both on and off the court. In 1990 it was WWII fighter planes, whose forms and features – especially the shark-mouth nose art – were echoed by the Air Jordan V's most distinct design lines. The theme was continued on the classic red-and-black flight suits from the same era. The latest Air Jordan V connects both expressions of flight, delivering a stand-out look that's loaded with history.

Air Jordan Vは第2次対戦中の戦闘機P51 Mustangがデザインテーマだった。ミッドソールに当時のメイクオーバーの1990年のJordan ApparelがFright Suitと呼バレていたのも同じ理由で、それを今回のメイクオーバーにFright Suitのニックネームを使用したのもそのためである。

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