Black Friday 2016; NRF forecast Holiday Sales to increase 3.6%

The holiday shopping season, which traditionally and unofficially begins on the day after Thanksgiving, can account for about as much as 40% of retailers annual sales, However the popularity of Black Friday has been on the wane over the past couple of years as more stores open earliereven on Thanksgivingand online retailers offer Black Friday-type deals year-round.

Thanksgiving Day weekendに突入して、街もショーウィンドウも全てがホリデーモードに切り替わった。年間売上の40%を占めるクリスマスまでの1カ月間、小売チェーンは今年最後のプロモーションを展開する。しかし、消費者の購買スタイルには重要な変化が生まれつつある。

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