March Madness: The Road to National Semifinal

UNC Celebrate Regional victory to clinch Final4
It is a Final Four with three teams ravenous to finally get there. UNC escaped with a 75-73 victory over Kentucky thanks to a last minute shot from Luke Maye. For Oregon, it's the first time since 1939, back when the Ducks won a NCAA tournament. Now, the Tar Heels face Oregon.It's the first time for Gonzaga and South Carolina. They'll play one another Saturday. It is the first time the Final Four has had two newcomers in 21 years since 1996. 

2017 NCAA D-1 Mens Tournament、National Semifinalは残す所あと1日となった。Vegas Insiderの最新オッズではNorth Carolinaが優勝候補最右翼。Gonzagaがこれに続いている。しかし勝負は水物。やってみなければわからない。1カ月間にわたって全米を熱狂させたMarch Madnessはまもなくクライマックスを迎える。

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