NikeLab Air Max 97 Mid Riccardo Tisci

Riccardo Tisci and the NikeLab worked together on the Air Max 97. Tisci reflects “The Air Max 97 had huge influence and impact on Italian culture. The shoe is an iconic, young shoe of 90s. At the time I was involved with DJs and music, and in the clubs where the people leading the big waves wearing Air Max. That period has a lot of history. It was the first meeting of sportswear and fashion.”

Nikeは3月初頭にスワロフスキークリスタルをアッパーにデコレーションしたAir Max 97 LXを発表したばかりだが、今度はRiccardo TisciとのコラボレーションでAir Max 97 Midを発売すると発表した。発売20周年に向けて両モデルとも3月26日発売で、Air Max Day向けの企画である。発売20周年に向けて、Air Max 97の連続投入が加速してきた。

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