Nike Air Max Day, Air Max Month, Air Max Year

Nike Air Vapormax, release on March 26
Air has been an integral part of Nike ever since it was first introduced in 1979’s Air Tailwind. For the first eight years it was hidden, then it became visible with Air Max in 1987. The revolution had begun. On March 26, 2017, Nike observe Air Max Day by marking the Air Max 1 anniversary. the shoe that pushed Air Innovation to new heights. After 30 years, Air Max continues to evolve.

3月26日の Air Max Dayまでいよいよあと1日。Nike Air Maxプロモーションは秒読みに入った。過去3年間は Air Max Dayだけのプロモーションだったが、2017年はAir Max Month、Air Max Yearに拡大して年間プロモーションに格上げされた。Nikeは2017 Spring/Summerに徹底したAir Max攻勢を展開する。

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