The 2017 Men’s NCAA Tournament Elite 8

Gonzaga vs South Dakota State, The 2017 Men’s NCAA Tournament 1st round
The field of 68 has been cut to eight. It’s the list so many want to be on this time of year — and so many don’t. Every surprise ending in the NCAA tournament needs an upstart that finds a way and a victim that must get over the result. By Sunday night, it will be down to four. Catch up on all of the action here.

2017 Men’s basketball TournamentはElite 8が出揃った。Gonzaga、Kansas、North Carolina、Kentuckyの強豪校はいずれも勝ち上がった。注目のUCLAとLonzo Ballは惜しくも敗退。一方Floridaはブザービーターの3ポイントで8強進出を決めた。

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