13th Solstice Yoga in Times Square

13th Solstice Yoga in Times Square, New York,
It’s time to welcome the Summer Solstice this weekend. Traditions surrounding  the longest day of year have been going on for centuries, from English Storehenge to the ancient Romans’.
Though some traditions have faded with time, New York began celebrating the solstice in Times Square. This year, there is an exciting new development. The United Nations has declared that June 21st is the International Day of Yoga, and is planning a global celebration. This year, Solstice in Times Square Yoga will be a 13-year tradition, and New York City and Times Square playing central roles here at the Crossroads of the World.

New York Midsummer最大イベントの一つ、Solstice Yoga in Times Squareが今年も開催された。今年はInternational Day of Yogaもスタートしたため、去年までとはイベント内容が大きく変更されたが、世界最大のYoga Eventのポジションは揺るがない!

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