Levi’s Commuter Collection for women

Levis launched Levi’s Commuter Collection for women helps give female cyclists both the style and the performance they need when making their way on two wheels. That means stealth, urban-friendly details — like breathable fabric for comfort; stretch for easy movement; durable, water-repellant outerwear for protection from the elements; and reflective details for safety — that improve your ride without looking like performance gear. (No neon, thank you very much!)

いつ発売するんだろうと思っていたが、とうとう女性向けCommuter CollectionをLevisが発売した。ジーンズメーカーだからRiseとColorはフルチョイスできる。もちろんママチャリでもマウンテンバイクでも、ロードでも大丈夫です。

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